Ashley & Ren's Engagement Session at Shelburne Farms

October 25, 2018

Earlier this month I met up with one of my favorite 2019 couples, Ashley and Ren. I was excited for this session because it’s one thing to sit down with a couple and get to know them over a cup of coffee– and don’t get me wrong, that’s my FAVORITE way to spend a morning– but it’s quite another thing to photograph them. Seeing how they interact emotionally and physically tells me so much about them as individuals and as a couple, and I was psyched to REALLY get to know these two.


By the way, I decided their celebrity name is AshRen (which I could actually see being a VERY trendy baby name in the future, amirite?!).


It was almost spooky when I met them, because it felt like I’d already known them for years. (Shout out to my 2017 bride, Kat, for this awesome referral!!! Muah!)


They have this vibe that makes you instantly comfortable around them. Ashley is an amazing hair stylist, and I can see why she is so popular in her line of work. She makes you feel relaxed around her (not to mention, she is gorgeous), and Ren is totally the same way. They both travel often for work, so this photo session was a great way for them to reconnect and get grounded together. I was happy to facilitate that. 🙂


They were ideal to photograph. They were goofy as hell but syrupy sweet the next moment. They gave me such a range of expressions and feelings that my shutter was snapping away like I was a crazy lady.  And, when I gently posed them, Ren would give her forehead a kiss– without me even asking.


We walked around, discussing their 2019 wedding. “I know it will all come together,” Ashley explained. Typical Ashley: confidently calm and happy amidst what some describe as a chaotic time in life.


AshRen, I simply can’t wait until your beautiful wedding. I am honored to be apart of your journey!











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