Meg Said Yes: Surprise Proposal Party in Waterbury, VT!

December 14, 2018






I’ve known Meg for years, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive this email one chilly morning in October! I basically cried into my toast as I emailed John, “I’LL BE THERE.” I immediately cleared my schedule for 12/10, excited to see what John was cooking up.


Meg and John recently moved from Boston into a beautiful new house in Vermont. Vermont was always their true home, and it was great to see their dreams for the future turning into a reality. Meg and John are career-driven and extremely motivated– one of the reasons they work so well as a couple. They quickly found amazing jobs and settled into happy lives here.


These two are a picture-perfect couple: they are both sweet, with playful senses of humor (oh, and they look like they met at modeling school). They have a shared love of music (John is the Director of Programming at the Point Radio Network, and Meg coordinates tours for musical groups). John’s plan was to hire one of their favorite bands from England for the proposal and have them sing their favorite song, “Give Me Something,” as Meg came home from work on a random Monday evening. Meg’s closest friends worked hard that day to decorate. Cupcakes, candles, gifts, personalized signs, and roses filled the apartment. (I felt like I was in a rom-com, except even better.) 


John was basically in a trance when I arrived. Despite our plan to set up with plenty of time to spare in case Meg came home early, Meg was on her way much faster than we anticipated. In a last-ditch effort to delay her, John had her stop at the store to pick something random up. Meg, vaguely annoyed, got the item and didn’t think anything of it.


Meanwhile, friends and family hid upstairs in their home, waiting to celebrate. John was frantically turning lights on and off, pacing, checking the driveway, and practicing getting down on one knee with me. “I basically blacked out. What did I even say when I asked Meg to marry me??” John asked later that night. 


I held my breath as we heard Meg coming through the door. Meg immediately noticed the candles and the rose petals strewn across the floor, and she slowly walked into the living room as the band started playing. 



Give me something;
Something to hold on to.
Give me something,
That links me to you.
Give me something;
Something to hold on to,
And I’ll wear your wedding ring for a lifetime.”


-Scars on 45, “Give Me Something”



John got down on one knee. Meg, of course, said yes.


Soon after, John and Meg’s closest friends and family barreled down the stairs to surprise Meg. The room was glowing and buzzing from the shared excitement. Tearfully, Meg and John hugged their guests as champagne was poured and beautiful toasts were made. (And, Meg could not stop glancing down at her hand.)


I adored how John involved friends and family in his proposal to make it even more special for Meg. Meg has extremely deep relationships with her friends and family, so it only made sense to include them in such a momentous occasion.


John and Meg, CONGRATULATIONS. You are a beautiful couple, and I am thrilled for you!























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