Understory Farm: Wedding bouquets in New England

April 2, 2019

Hey folks!


Baby I’m back!! I took a mini vacation to Portland Maine over the weekend and am still responding to emails. THANK YOU for your patience! My best friend’s wedding was an absolute whirlwind. I have a whole new level of appreciation for Maids of Honor. I am still feeling the adrenaline and high emotions from Saturday’s wedding!


I was nostalgically looking through 2018 wedding albums and realized I hadn’t featured Understory Farm on my blog yet. They are one of my favorite flower farms in New England. They grow a huge variety of flowers (personal favorites: Anemones, tulips, and white Ranunculus) and have several different floral packages for people to choose from.


I also love their message: “We believe in the power of flowers to spread a message of love.” What would a wedding be without flowers? The type of bouquet my couples choose says so much about them! Are they bold, reserved, elegant, classic, or unique? 


I am the type of person who loves buying and receiving flowers to place around my home. Seeing them every day, especially in the winter, makes me feel so at-home. My mom always had a green thumb, and growing up she had a large wildflower garden in front of our farmhouse. My favorite time of year was either when the lilacs bloomed and we could go take as many as we wanted for our bedrooms (since lilacs don’t last long, we were able to hoard them and savor them for a few days), or when she would carefully choose a few peonies to cut and arrange for our kitchen table. Flowers have the magic ability to evoke nostalgia for me, and I see them as a very important investment.


Annie and Josh chose a vibrant pastel pallet with whites, pinks, and subtle greens. I loved the flowers Understory Farm arranged for their bouquets. The color was perfectly balanced throughout the bouquets, and the greens were a lighter hue that photographed beautifully. They were delicately but firmly wrapped in ribbon, and it took a lot of self-reservation to not spend a whole hour photographing them.


Thank you, Understory, for making Annie and Josh’s wedding so special.


For more info about Understory Farm, please visit their website at :https://www.understoryfarmvermont.com/weddings-and-events.




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