Brittany and Mitchell’s Vermont Engagement Session

December 2, 2019

After more than 11 years together, Brittany and Mitchell are getting married next November! And they deserve some kudos, because they have their wedding mostly all planned and they have a year to enjoy being engaged without all that pressure and stress. Goals!

These two wanted some dreamy, sunny photos in nature to celebrate their engagement, and to send out as holiday cards. (I am so late to the game with my own holiday cards! I am so busy taking other peoples photos that I forget how important it is to take my own!)

Brittany and Michell showed up looking gorgeous, and ready for anything. “We completely trust you,” Brittany said, and it’s A DANG GOOD THING because I made them walk in what was essentially a swamp in order to get some of these photos. (Thanks, you two.)

These two were stunning, emotive, and connected. They were not shy around each other while still having that spark. 

Congrats to Brittany and Mitchell, and thank you for being the best. 11.5 months to go!

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