Erin + Stephen Elope at Overlook Park

June 1, 2020

Congratulations to Stephen and Erin, who eloped on Friday with their closest family members!

After eight years together, these two planned their dream wedding at Sleepy Hollow Inn but had to postpone it due to COVID-19 restrictions. Family gathered at Overlook Park in South Burlington, VT and stayed in their cars as they watched Erin and Stephen read vows and exchange rings. Erin said she ordered her elopement dress from Lulu’s and created her gorgeous bouquet from flowers she got at Trader Joe’s down the street after teaching herself floral arrangement techniques from Youtube (!!!!!). These details tied everything together and made their elopement extra dreamy.

I was so glad they chose to marry now and party later. They deserved a beautiful day to celebrate their love and commitment.

My favorite part of our short hour together was after I complimented them on their infectious smiles. “That’s the first thing my grandma said about Stephen,” Erin told me. “That he had a beautiful smile.”

The rain held off, the sun came out, and Erin found a four-leaf clover. I believe those are small signs that their marriage will be completely full of a ridiculous amount of happiness.

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