Donna + Justine

September 29, 2020

Congratulations to Donna and Justine, who celebrated their original wedding day with a photo session.

2020 has meant a ton of challenging change for these two. Donna and Justine don’t see these things as disruptions, but rather a winding pathway that led them to where they currently are. They purchased a beautiful home (pictured below), got married, started new careers, adopted Benjy, and are planning a huge party for 2021 to celebrate.

The love Donna and Justine radiate is infectious, and they are positive, goofy, caring people. Photographing them meant gathering snippets of their hilarious conversations and appreciating the beautiful, small moments they share simply moving about in their life together. They are truly a beautiful joy to capture.

Thank you so much to Donna and Justine for inviting me to the river to romp around with you. I absolutely can’t wait for your 2021 wedding bash! xo.

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