Ashley and Robert’s Fall Grafton Inn Elopement

October 13, 2020

Ashley and Robert could not have been happier to FINALLY be getting married last Wednesday at the stunning Grafton Inn in Grafton, Vermont. They had planned a couple of wedding days (Ashley told me, “we just knew that you being our photographer was the constant,” which I love).

Ashley and Robert seemed nervous but happy before their ceremony, and upon seeing each other immediately relaxed and felt at peace. They live out their gratitude for finding each other in the way they treat each other. They are sweet, considerate, and always making each other laugh.

Even while they were standing in the pouring rain after their ceremony, they were just so completely happy to be married. (Rain is, after all, good luck. They say that’s because a knot is harder to untie when it’s wet.) Robert happily held an umbrella over Ashley, taking care to carry her dress over puddles and make sure she wasn’t too cold. Documenting their love was made easy by their emotive, lovely relationship. Their day, with unseasonably high temperatures and pops of foliage, was a very special elopement to photograph.

Congratulations to these two, who are about to embark on a new chapter of their lives as husband and wife! xo!

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