Rescheduling Your 2021 Wedding

January 4, 2021

A note from Anne about rescheduling your 2021 wedding.

Due to a recent number of emails regarding a second round of wedding postponements (mostly from May-July 2021 couples so far!), I wanted to outline my new postponement policy for my couples.

For those who booked me in 2018, 2019, and early 2020:

(You have a few options, and please let me know how I can best help you decide about coverage!)

If you would like to postpone your 2021 wedding and I am available for your new 2022 wedding date, the amount of your deposit can be applied to any of my current wedding collection options. You can check out what I now offer here: (on page 8):

There is no re-booking fee if you had an older collection and choose one of my current collections. I will simply transfer your deposit to the new date, and update my invoicing system to reflect the changes.

The deposit can be transferred to a new collection even if you decide to have a small ceremony now, and have a large reception later (which I definitely recommend!), or a small elopement now.

My collection options have drastically changed within the past 2 years, and you might notice that there are some differences in number of hours.

If you would like to remain at the same budget as you booked for in 2019/2020, I can honor the price of your original quote by creating a custom timeline for your day. Please be aware that this will mean slightly less coverage because my prices have increased. For example, what was once my 7-hour collection will now be a custom 5-hour wedding day.

I will also need to charge a $175 transfer fee to transfer your wedding date to a 2022 wedding date if this is the case. This fee helps me cover random things, such as assistants’ raises and tax differences. Many of my clients are business-owners themselves, and understand the difficulties of running an events-based business right now! Thank you all for your patience and grace with this. (If the $175 is a financial impossibility to you, please let me know.)

For those who booked me in late 2020/2021, and need to postpone your wedding for the first time:

I will transfer your deposit and contract over to your new date. The transfer fee is $175 and will be added to your invoice. (There is no transfer fee if you are postponing to a M-F wedding.) This fee helps me cover random things, such as assistants’ raises and tax differences.

A great option for those who have booked is to use their deposit for elopement coverage! “Elope now, party later” has been my motto for this decade so far.

Thank you all for your patience as we all navigate a second COVID spring. We will get through this and have the day of your dreams as soon as it is safe to do so! Sending you all virtual hugs.

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