5 Easy Steps for EPIC Wedding Day Shots

April 15, 2021

When dreaming about your wedding, it’s natural to imagine the photos you will get first. That feeling of looking back over your day, sharing photos with friends and family, and ordering prints and frames is a way to extend that wedding day bliss.

No two weddings are the same, so of course you can’t expect to get the same photos as someone else your photographer has worked with. However, here are 5 EASY steps to making sure you get the most EPIC wedding day shots you can imagine.

1.) Kiss slowly at the altar (count to 5!).

Practice doing this! I know, so weird. But if you practice, you will most likely remember to do this in front of the altar. A long kiss means that your photographers can get different perspectives, zoom in and out, and deliver more photos of this epic moment.

2.) Get EXTRA long sparklers if you want to do a sparkler exit

The little ones you can get anywhere won’t cut it, because your photographers will need for you to walk *extra slowly* as you go through your sparkler exit– and if you’re game, they might have you walk through the sparklers more than once to ensure that you get the perfect shot! Getting the 22″ inch sparklers (you can usually find them online pretty easily) is the best bet. If you are on a budget, I’d recommend doing a sparkler exit with JUST your family or your wedding party, and not every single guest.

3.) Ask your florist to throw in a few extra stems and buds so that you can use them for detail shots.

Oooh baby, I love when my couples do this. This means I won’t have to ask for any loose strands. If you forget, it’s totally fine because I bring my own supplies for detail shots– but if you want your own florals to be in the shot (which, let’s be honest, makes them more special), please ask your florist to throw a few extra garlands/florals in with their delivery! Usually they will have some anyway, so it’s no trouble or extra charge.

4.) Practice good posture ahead of your wedding day. It’s a good habit anyway (and one that I am personally working on!)

This one is kind of boring, but still extremely important. I often remind people to stand up straight or pay attention to their posture if I am posing them, but for those candid moments of you at the altar, I obviously can’t shout, “STAND UP STRAIGHT PLEASE!” during your vows. So, do yoga, stretch, balance a book on your head– whatever will help your posture for the day. (I’ve even seen a physical therapist for my posture, so if you see one anyway, ask them about how you can improve yours!)

5.) Ask your officiant to step aside during your first kiss.

I can usually speak to the officiant before the ceremony to ask them to do this, but the more people who remind them, the better! If they step aside during your first kiss, that means you can get shots of JUST YOU TWO kissing– no head in between you.

If you forget any of these things, remember that it’s not the end of the world. There are already a thousand things on your mind before your wedding, so don’t stress it. I can take care of most of these things for you, but it’s good for you to have an idea about them so that they can be on your radar, too! My goal is to make the most memorable, timeless, and authentic photos of your day as I can, and these steps will ensure that we get the money shots. 🙂

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