Burlington, VT Graduation Session | Anna Holden

April 19, 2021

CONGRATULATIONS to Anna, who just graduated with her Doctorate in Criminal Justice!

Anna is a complete go-getter in all ways. She priories her family, her marriage, her career, and her education. Giving her all in so many areas of her life has paid off, and she told me, “I’m so, so grateful.” Maintaining that feeling amidst the grind is not easy. Anna told me that she put off getting her degree for a few years while raising two kids and advancing in her career. “I always knew this was the goal, and I did it for me.

Anna says she feels a sense of pride and happiness now that she is finished with her degree. I am deeply inspired by Anna and her work. Anna brings a sense of compassion and empathy to her work in criminal justice, and her thesis topic was restorative justice. How cool is that?!

Hat’s off to Anna! Thank you for a wonderful session this morning!

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