Vermont Proposal: Taylor Said Yes!

May 24, 2021

Vermont proposal couple

CONGRATULATIONS to Taylor and Kelly, who got engaged on Friday after a truly epic Vermont proposal!

Kelly reached out to me in March, explaining that he would be in Vermont with his girlfriend Taylor. Originally from the midwest, these two are spending the summer in Maine as they work remotely. Kelly said that he was excited to propose to Taylor. Because she can intuit his emotions so easily, he said he would have a hard time keeping his cool and would send the ring to await them. (That way, she wouldn’t accidentally discover it in their luggage). 

“I guess I sort of had a feeling,” Taylor admitted, “But I really am surprised.” In my opinion, that’s the best type of response to a proposal. It shows that both people are ready and have discussed the idea, but that there was still a huge element of surprise. 

Proposing is nerve-wracking and takes a lot of planning. Kelly and I spent a while on the phone hashing out our proposal plan. He would take his drone out to the beautiful Lake Champlain at Shelburne Bay. His signal to me would be bending down to open the drone bag. He would then get down on one knee.

My heart was racing as they walked to the position, and the proposal went just as planned. Though the sunlight was harsh, the breeze and quiet solitude of the bay provided the absolute perfect backdrop for such a special moment.

Taylor’s tearful reaction was priceless. Her emotions came in waves; first shock, then tears, and then happy squealing as she hugged Kelly tightly. 

Kelly had also planned for us to spend a little while taking some engagement photos. I loved hearing more about their love story as we walked around the park. They are excited to begin this next chapter of their lives, and want time to enjoy their engagement before planning the wedding.

Thank you to Taylor and Kelly for a truly magical morning! xo!!


Shelburne Vermont engagement

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