Megan Said Yes in Burlington, Vermont!

December 30, 2021



Vermont proposal photographer

Early in December, Grant reached out to schedule a proposal session with his partner, Megan.

Typically, the person being proposed to says something along the lines of, “Oh, yes, I had a feeling it would be today,” or, “I saw a ring box in my partner’s luggage.” So after waiting on Church Street incognito with my cameras (hiding behind a lit up tree near Ben & Jerry’s), I was completely surprised by Megan’s pure SHOCK when Grant got down on one knee on that chilly December morning.. She was absolutely over the moon, and stood frozen for about 10 seconds before jumping  up and down excitedly.

Grant and Megan’s energy was infectious– so much so that people all over Church Street congratulated them. One person said, “I saw you from my upstairs office window and had to come congratulate you.” Their merriment was thrilling to photograph, and I couldn’t get enough of the way Megan kept staring at her left hand in disbelief.

The ring itself was a stunning pear-shaped diamond with a classic gold band. It suited Megan’s classic-yet-alternative style.

We walked around Burlington, taking photos and enjoying that particular buzz you get when everything is just absolutely perfect.


Thanks, you two, for a wonderful morning, and CONGRATULATIONS! Grant, you pulled this off beautifully. XO!!





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