Katie and Andrew’s March Mountaintop Wedding

March 20, 2024


Vermont wedding vendor team: 



In the heart of Vermont’s misty mountains, Katie and Andrew exchanged vows amongst their closest family and friends last week. As a Vermont wedding photographer, moments like these resonate deeply with me, and I love seeing intimate groups celebrating their favorite couple.

Katie and Andrew’s story is one of resilience and devotion. Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship, their bond only grew stronger with time. They held their ceremony outdoors, in the midst of Vermont’s ethereal fog, which was an interesting parallel for their relationship trajectory: they could weather any storm, and find the joy and beauty in it all.

I met Katie and Andrew for their engagement photos last month, and noticed that they have a very romantic and quiet love. It’s subtle and warm, and they love a good hug. Katie and Andrew find an adventure in each other no matter the setting.

One peculiar detail that stands out in their story is their shared love for Darn Tough socks. A friend turned them on to the VT company and they stayed warm and dry throughout the day.

As they embark on their honeymoon and prepare to finally live together, I have no doubt that their journey will be filled with countless adventures and cherished memories. They are the type of couple to find wonder everywhere.

To Katie and Andrew, may your love continue to shine brightly through the foggiest of days, guiding you towards a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment. XO!



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