Winter At-Home Newborn Session

March 27, 2024




The joy of bringing a new baby home and adjusting to life with them is the most bizarre, magical, beautiful time. I love capturing new parents because they’re in total awe of what they’ve created. They are completely in love, and a little fearful. They are overtired and emotional, and they know that in a few years they will want to remember what this time felt like through newborn photography.

Stepping into their home, I was greeted not only by the proud parents but also by their two furry companions. I love including family pets. After all, they were the first babies.

As we embarked on our photo session, the unseasonably warm weather seemed to mirror the overflowing happiness within the household. The windows were open, and the sun was shining through the large living room curtain as Mackenzie snoozed away. Mackenzie brought spring early.

It was evident that Mackenzie had already become the center of their world. Every cuddle was filled with awe and tenderness as they marveled at this tiny little human.

As I captured the intimate moments shared between the family, I felt immensely privileged to witness such pure love and happiness. I caught baby fever.

Thank you to Jen and her family for hosting me, and congratulations! You three are beautiful! XO.






Thinking of reserving a newborn photography spot in my books? Let’s connect! I generally book up 1-2 months ahead, so please plan while you’re still pregnant! 🙂

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