Vermont Winter Babymoon Photos

February 7, 2024

Paruchuri Winter Maternity Session


Thank you so much to the Parachuris for a gorgeous winter maternity session! They were vacationing to Vermont for their babymoon, and loved the expansive Vermont mountains. “They’re so, so blue,” they said. I love traveling to the Mountaintop Inn in the winter. I live in Burlington, where these days there is likely to be a bare ground even in the middle of winter. However, if I hop on Route 7 South and go to the Mountaintop, I can easily find snow. Clients LOVE it, and I love that I can simply drive for an hour and a half to find gorgeous backdrops and fresh snow.

Vermont winter maternity shoots are NOT for everyone. The wind chill can be in the negatives, and it’s easy to get cold quickly. I was skeptical that this couple from New Jersey would feel comfortable being outside for an hour– but they packed hats and gloves, and I brought hand warmers. They embraced the chill and used it as an excuse to cuddle. The photoshoot unfolded organically, capturing candid moments and genuine emotions. There were no clichéd poses or forced smiles; instead, the Paruchuris reveled in the joy of the present moment. I loved how Lavanya’s red dress contrasted with the snow.

Another reason Vermont winter maternity sessions are beautiful is because the snow acts as a reflector, which means that finding amazing light is very easy. (I never really appreciated or loved Vermont winters until I realized this!) My subjects have a certain glow about them that can only be achieved with lots of equipment, or in the snow.

Thank you again to these two for braving the cold and wandering around with me at the Mountaintop Inn! Congratulations!

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